Launched the Quattro Sports Center in late 2013, guidance Semitism based on the directives of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, "God save him", Chairman of Ajman Group Holding, is the Quattro Sports Center one arm branching from a group, and non-Quattro Sports Center is located in the Ajman, United Arab Emirates between Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain, and is a Sports Center Sharjah Airport about (20 minutes), and is characterized Ajman that there are many unique factors that have contributed to making it a distinct economic city and a tourist destination for many because of the atmosphere of well-being and potential in the field of tourism.

Quattro Sports Center:

Quattro Sports Center is committed to sports and responsibilities of the community to provide high quality services of sports for all categories of customers, and adopts the Quattro many goals that contribute to the leadership and improvement of locally, regionally and globally center, offering many Quattro has been equipping of sports and community services for visitors across the four courts key according to the latest modern technologies that are characterized by the possibility of the establishment of all the programs of activities and sports on them, with the support of an integrated system of qualifying facilities that are compatible and center politics in the rehabilitation and development and excellence, as the center has played many sports activities and organize tournaments for all public and private institutions inside and outside the emirate, hosting internal and external specialized sports training camps in sports atmosphere like no other, and containment on a sports stadium capacity (500 people), and a platform for distinguished guests and dignitaries, and rests Quattro social through the possibility of setting up birthday parties and provide a studio for photography and video in the galleries and cafes center various sports in the family also offers a distinct atmosphere of service car wash center in multiple positions, and also contains a barbershop for men and pioneers Quattro distinct competitive prices.
And its Quattro approach since the beginning of its establishment to provide the ingredients for success and excellence in all fields, not to mention the active participation of sports and national activities in line with the needs of the masses from the center and national events that promote and deepen loyalty among emerging concepts, so as to achieve the best expectations of the players and dealers and strategic partners work the center also on performance measurement, monitoring and analysis of questionnaires to provide the most effective staff continuous training and development of human resources methods, in order to serve young people happy and make them, and the mobilization of their leisure time with what is useful, and the deployment of physical and social education to create a conscious and creative generation, and from here emerged the idea of creating (Espanyol ).