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 Welcome to the website of the Center for Quattro Sports (referred to as the "Center"), one of the main centers in the emirate of Ajman.

 Contact Center numbers:

 Phone: 0551902200 and 067413032

 Fax: 067116768

 PO Box: 7777 Ajman

 Email: info@quattro.ae, Website: www.quattro.ae

 Please read and review these Terms of Use carefully before accessing or using the Site, in accessing the site, or use an admission from you that you have read, I understood and agreed to the terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use, you may not access the site or use it, and it must stop using the site immediately.

 We recommend that you print and store or save a copy of these Terms of Use for future reference.


Make reasonable efforts center to add wrong information and talking in the Website. However accessing to the Site or Use Association bear the risk that the site and the content offered by, or which may in the future minus the addition or not Inaccurate or not updated, the Kindle does not meet your needs and requirements. Center does not assume any obligation to update the content.


Changes to Terms of Use

 Center reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time to become such an amendment takes effect as soon as Publication of the amended terms on the site. The user is responsible for losing the site periodically to see if any adjustments that may be Made to the terms of use. The continued use of this site constitutes acceptance of the modified Terms of Use or any policies others from the center, and which are relevant to using the site. If you do not accept the terms of use may not be modified You enter the site, slippage, and we must stop using this site immediately.

 Sites and links

 Site links or references to other sites may contain other private parties do not control the center of it, and in this Status Center will not be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites practices. And may be accessed from the site External links do not control the center of them. Center and makes no warranties or representations of any kind as to the accuracy or any The information contained in these sites does not bear any responsibility for any damages or injuries of any kind that may arise from such content or information. And add a special link to another link does not imply an endorsement by the Centre.

 Trademark and copyright restrictions

Site is subject to the supervision and management of the center, all the material presented in the website, including, for example, but not limited to, Photos and illustrations, sound clips and video are protected copyright, trademark and property rights other intellectual owned and run by the center, or other parties that have licensed their material to the center.

 The material on the site dedicated only for personal, noncommercial use and may not be copied these materials or reproduce or

Published or exchanged or modified, uploaded, transmitted, or stored or distributed in any way, including by e-mail or others by electronic means, without the prior written consent of the center. The use of these materials on any other site, or use the material for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial use is a violation of copyright, trademark and other rights of the Centre's property, and that is prohibited. Use material may result in a violation of the text of this paragraph to civil or criminal prosecution.

Unacceptable Content

 Site discussion forums, bulletin boards and pages of photos and video services viewed or forums you may contain Or for other parties to publish your contributions, including revisions or messages, materials or other items on the site ("Interactive areas"). If the center provides such interactive areas, you are solely responsible for your use of these Interactive areas and you have to bear the risk of using them. And using any of the interactive areas you expressly agree not to post or download or transfer, distribution or storage, construction or Last act through the site with respect to the following:

  • Any message or data or information, text or music or sound or pictures or videos or graphic or fees Symbols or other material which is illegal Or libelous and defamatory, obscene, indecent or lewd includes suggestive or harass, threaten or assault on privacy or ad, abusive or racist or otherwise offensive rights.
  • Content which constitutes or encourages or provides instructions for committing a criminal act or violation of the rights of any of the parties, or which may Give rise to liability or violate any local, regional or national or international laws.
  • Content that violates the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the laws of the emirate of Ajman state through:
  • Insulting the sacred Islamic teacher or Islamic rituals, where they are protected under the provisions of Islamic Sharia law.
  • Discredit any of the divine religions.
  • Any act or the subject involves an affront and insult to any category.
  • Content that may infringe on any patent, trademark or trade secret or the rights of the author or others from the intellectual property rights of any party.
  • Content is being impersonating any person or entity, or which does not reflect the reality of your affiliation with any person or entity.
  • Content which involves the promotion of undesirable political or advertising campaigns or tenders, including Content that includes a mail transfer unwanted messages or sequential or quantitative junk mail Or instant messages or manipulation or provide links to other websites or web pages.
  • Content that contains private information with any other party, including, but not limited to, addresses and phone numbers and E-mail addresses and credit card numbers.
  • Content that contain viruses and other malicious or corrupt data files or disruptive and destructive.
  • Content is not related to the subject of the interaction domain that is the dissemination of such content.
  • Content which breaches these terms of use or privacy policy center.
  • Content which, according to the estimate the center, with an aggressive tint or restrict or inhibit anyone else's use, or Enjoy interactive areas, or location, or which may expose the center or its responsibility for any damage or entities from which type.

Although the center is under no obligation to screen or check or monitor any content published or distributed to any interactive area, but the center reserves the right to delete or examination or audit of any content is published, distributed or stored in the website without warning, and in any time for any reason, and the user is solely responsible for backing up content and replace any content on the responsibility and at his expense.

Any use of interactive areas or other parts of the site which is a violation of the conditions would be in breach of the terms of use and can be to result in the termination or suspension of your rights to use the interactive areas, location.

In order to cooperate with legitimate governmental requests, or with a warrant issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or under any law, protection systems and ensure the safety and functioning of the center, the center may enter to disclose any information it considers necessary or appropriate, including, but not limited to, induction user profile information (name, e-mail address, etc.), and IP addresses and traffic information, and usage history, content publication. The Centre will have the right to disclose any such information.

 Right to Use

By doing the publication and distribution of content on the site from which, unless we show otherwise, you must:

  • Granted a non-exclusive right to the center and without a franchise fee and always irrevocable and fully authorized licensed subcontractors To use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute and prepare derivative works of, display and perform such Content on the public all over the world and in any media outlet now known or to be discovered later.
  • Center granted the right to use the name provided with respect to such content, as it deems appropriate.
  • Undertakes to include the following:
  • You can own and control all rights to the content that you publish or distribute it in another way, or you otherwise legitimate right to publish and distribute such content on or through the site.
  • That the content is accurate and not misleading.
  • And that the use publish, transfer that content in another way does not violate these Terms of Use, you will not Violates any rights or cause harm to any person or entity.

Granted in addition to that center it has the right to legally prosecute any person or entity violates the rights center in the content through a breach of these terms of use.

And it will be regarded as content submitted by non-confidential users, and will not be binding on the Centre to deal with the content on that personal information.

Without limiting the foregoing, the center reserves the right to use the content as it sees fit.

Center is not obliged to any amount for the content provided or the opportunity to edit, delete or modify the content only when it is submitted to the center. It will not be the center of any duty that is credited content authoring you, and will not be obliged to impose any form of ratios by other parties.

If it is determined to be retained in any moral rights in the content, you declare this as follows:

(A)  You’re not demanding that the use of any identifiable personal information with regard to the content, or any derivative works or enhancements or updates to it.

(B)  You do not have an objection to deploy and use, modify, delete and exploitation of content by the center or licensees.

(C)  You forever waive and agree not to claim any right or confirm any right and all moral rights of the author of any of the content

(D) Give a party the center of any claims can be filed by otherwise against the center because of any moral rights of the sort.

 Evacuation responsibility

The location and conditions of use

 The site and the information and materials on the Site are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of commercial marketing, quality and fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. The information contained herein may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. Center does not make any warranties or representations express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any facts, advice or opinions or views or the views or statements or recommendations, or other information displayed on the site or distributed through it. And acknowledge that any reliance by you on any of these facts, advice or opinions or views, statements or recommendations, or other information may have been at your sole risk. Any representation or warranty whatever the center does not provide kind with respect to the appropriateness or functionality, availability or operation of the site. The site is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or malfunction in computers. Center does not guarantee that the site will not stop or that it is free of errors, or that defects will be corrected in the site, or that the site or the servers that provide the site are free of viruses or other harmful components.

 Limitation of Liability

 It will not be the center, under any circumstances, including negligence, for example, but not limited to, responsible towards you for damages of any kind, whether it is based on a tort or contract or restricted liability or otherwise, including, for example, does not limited to any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential resulting from or in connection with the following damage:

  • Site or the information contained therein, or any errors or omissions in the technical operation of the site, even if the center has been informed of the possibility of such damages, whether in whole or in part caused by the negligence or act of God or telecommunications failure.
  •  Theft or destruction or unauthorized access to the site.
  • Any delay or failure in part or in full by the Centre in the implementation of any of its obligations towards you under these terms of use or privacy policy center.
  • Your participation in any contest or vote organized by the center on the site.
  • Any statements or representations or content provided to users in any public forum or personal home page or the field of interactive else.
  • Any publication or content stored or loaded by you or any other party, nor for any loss or damage to this content.
  • Any errors or distortion, defamatory, libelous, Adalal or obscene, pornographic or violation of the law (including the laws of the UAE emirate of Ajman or laws) that may exist on the site.


You should ensure that the center and protected from harm in respect of any claim, loss, liability or compensation for damage or expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising out of or in connection with the following:

  • Any claim that the content infringes on the intellectual property rights of another party.
  • Any breach of any guarantee or promise or obligation in these Terms of Use or arising about .
  • Your use of the site in violation of the terms of use.
  • Arising from the use of your behavior on the website.


It respects the privacy of users of its center-mail. It takes place on a moderately cautious to ensure the security and privacy of your information to ensure that not only the information of the responsible parties, however, the center is not liable for the actions of any other parties to receive information or enter upon, or any other breach of security.

If you have any concerns about the exchange of personal data with another party, you can send an email at any time to info@quattro.com to have learned any objection from you on how we use or disclosure of your data means mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Can in any case the exchange of personal data with others parties may have contracted with them to provide some of the services, on the basis of the agency, including data processing. We may have to disclose information (can include the contents of e-mail messages between any persons) because of a legal requirement conformable us or pursuant to a court order.


These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates states Ajman Emirate, and agrees the parties to any legal proceedings or claims or disputes regarding use of the Website and these Terms of Use will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Emirate of Ajman, United Arab Emirates.


If any of the text of the provisions of these Terms of Use as illegal, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the agreement remain valid and enforceable.

 For more information, please contact us at e-mail: info@quattro.ae , and the location on the Internet: www.quattro.ae