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Terms and Conditions

- The tenant must submit a copy of his passport or identity card as identifiable or commercial license plus the authorized person upon application.

- The tenant must fill the form completely and pay the fees before the start of any session booked for stadium.

- Request and booking by phone or email is uncertain until the official registration and payment fees are not.

- Print paid fees and expenses are non-refundable and cannot be postponed or transferred on behalf of someone else.

 - Payment must be in cash or cash deposit in Quattro Sports Centre account.

 - First party provides (Quattro Sport Centre):

· Dressing room and shower room (one room).

· One employee for cleaning service.

 · Drinking water (one boxes for each booking).

-  Quattro sport centre has exclusive rights to use images of players during any training or a game or activity and there by The Quattro sport  center is allowed o use all pictures and videos for advertisement or promotional campaigns across all media audio-visual.

-  It is possible that all courses or activities ad places to change according to weather conditions or scheduling subject. Also the management of the centre has right to cancel or change the information or fees that have been announced in advance.

- The tenant shall bear any damages or injuries due to the right of the players while they were in the center and the center management does not assume any responsibility to injury or death, God forbid.

- Tenant shall bear the cost of any damage or damaged to property to centre and to participant.

- The first part is not responsible for any injuries or theft or quarrel or infringement that may occur by the third party during the rent or use of stadium or stadium facilities and the second party is responsible for the companions.

- The second party undertakes not to use the stadium in a manner contrary to public morals otherwise the contract dissolved immediately and he has to pay the full value of stadium rent, in case of not returning; the first party is entitled to inform the competent authorities if it is necessary.

- The second party and his companion willacknowledge to maintain the stadium and instruments provided for them and pay the total due amount after the completion.

- Arabic language is adapted as a basic and certified language to this agreement and all terms will be implemented by the same language and as well English is an extended language to it.

- The introduction and all the contents of the subscription model considered part of it and supplementary.

- The management Quattro Sport Centre has the right to change or to cancel any appointment in the table that shown above in case of necessity and need to notify the second party before 48 hours.

- In case of cancellation or postponement of booking the tenant is responsible to notify the responsible agency before 48 hours from the time of booking cancelled or any modification in reservation.

- It is not allowed for tenant to put logos or billboards statues without approval of first party.

The tenant must abide the time allotted by the Quattro Sports Center Management and It is not allowed to trespass on other times bookings beyond.

Not allowed to put ads for companies , products or advertising propaganda work to third parties during the booking venues and must inform the administration to take to take the approval.

Eating food and hot drinks (tea or coffee ) inside the stadiums is  prohibited, only drinks such as water and juices is allowed